The Game

An educational card game for children at KS1. Can be used in schools and at home.

Foodeeze was created by a primary school teacher and a group of NHS specialists. Foodeeze is dyslexia-friendly and has been validated by a qualified medical dietitian and a specialist Speech & Language Therapist.

The version of the game that is currently available is suitable for children at Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7 years). A version of the game for children at Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11 years) will be released very soon.

We have also developed a selection of lesson plans for Literacy, Numeracy, Geography, Science and PSHEe.

Cross-curricular card game for KS1:

Helps children to make healthy food choices.:

Foodeeze is an educational card game delivering the knowledge children need to make healthier decisions about the food they eat. The game reinforces learning making behavioural changes more likely.

  • Foodeeze is a new and innovative game for KS1 (ages 5-7 years)
  • Learn about food and nutrition in engaging and socially interactive ways
  • Improves food vocabulary and creates interest in different foods
  • Developed with dietitians and dyslexia-friendly
  • Challenges children's problem-solving abilities
  • Free lesson plans cover Literacy, Numeracy, Geography, Science and PSHEe 

Foodeeze eatwell plate:


Buy Now

Foodeeze is available to buy right now. Packs can be bought individually or as Classroom Packs that contain several packs of Foodeeze cards at a discounted price.